What is The Gathering Table? 


The Gathering Table was established to bring people together who share a passion for creativity. We will be hosting various events in order to build relationships among creatives in our city.  We believe that we are stronger in our businesses when we have a healthy community that supports us in our pursuits. While social media is a wonderful thing in that it allows us to learn about businesses and creatives in our community, it falls short in providing opportunities to actually connect with the people we follow. The Gathering Table provides an opportunity for creatives to enjoy a meal together, meet other small business owners in our community and be encouraged by well respected speakers.


Is The Gathering Table only for people who work in the wedding industry?


We welcome anyone who has a passion for bringing creativity into their business. We are made up of architects, interior designers, bloggers, photographers, graphic designers, bakers, florists, authors etc. We welcome anyone to our table!


How many events will you be hosting each year? 


We will be hosting two events per year. Our next event will be in the fall of 2018.


Instagram: @gatheringtable

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gatheringtableca/